Rent to Own Options

Our rent to own (RTO) option was established to be an alternative to mini-warehousing. With our no-strings plan, you're able to have your own storage facility, extra office space, or even your own getaway right in your backyard!

Regardless of what your need is or for how long, our low monthly rental rates are comparable to mini-warehousing rates per square foot. You won't have to fill out a credit application and you're not required to keep your building. All rent to own payment prices include the Basic RTO Payment. For additional details, please call us at 406-314-5061.

RTO Assurance Plus+ Coverage

Available for a small monthly fee, RTO Assurance Plus+ Coverage is designed to take the worry out of unseen mishaps with your building. This value-added coverage includes the replacement of the destroyed building with the same model number. You only have to pay for the material and RTO Assurance Plus+ covers labor front to back but not limited to:

Broken windows, busted siding, and damaged roof
Door handles (mailed at no cost), door knobs (mailed at no cost), and hinges
Tie rods and one-time building re-leveling

Add a 3-year or 4-year standard plan for as little as $5 per month!
(Building must be deemed completely destroyed for replacement of building. Pictures required. Does not include personal contents.)

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